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Taste of the Pacific - Book
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Taste of the Pacific - by Susan Parkinson, Peggy Stacey and Adrian Mattinson. This is a cookbook and as well as a guide to tropical fruits and vegetables. It gains it's inspiration from the numerous island nations of the tropical Pacific, a gastronomic and cultural melting pot which has evolved over through thousands of years of migration, colonization and now independent nationhood. The authors have spent many years living, working and travelling in these magnificently diverse islands. The foods of the Pacific Islands, rich in produce from the sea, coconuts grown on coral beaches, fruits and vegetables from village gardens are found in most countries. We give you easy and quick-to-prepare recipes for all occasions. This book is intended not only for people living in areas with sophisticated and comprehensive supplies, but also for those in more remote areas where ingenuity and adaptation of recipes to local supplies and conditions apply. At the back of the book you will find a Tropical Fruit and Vegetable guide, which gives you advice on the selection, use, storage and nutritive value of a comprehensive selection of tropical fruits and vegetables.

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