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Life in Feejee: Five Years among the Cannibals - Book
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Life in Feejee: Five Years among the Cannibals - by A Lady : Mary Davis Wallis Mary Davis Wallis, our mysterious 'Lady', was married to Captain Benjamin Wallis of Salem, Massachusetts. During the forties and early fifties of last century this florid, forceful Yankee captain dominated the dangerous but lucrative Fiji-Manila trade in beche-de-mer for S.Chamberlain & Co. of Salem. He played a central role in Fiji history through his dealings with high Fijian chiefs. Fortunately for posterity, but to the wonder of his fellow trading captains and frustration of his crew, Captain Wallis took his piously eccentric wife voyaging to the Fiji's from 1844-1849. Here is Mary Wallis' lively, decidedly feminist, opinionated yet humorous account of five years wandering about the islands aboard the bark 'Zotoff'. During that time she saw much at first hand, and she has left her indelible mark on Fiji in the popular girl's names, Walesi and Merewalesi. - PO Box 15173, Suva, Fiji.
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